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Offering Classes and 1:1 Training for All Ages

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combines technique from multiple styles for effective combat. We've were training MMA since the early 90s, and have modernized our training along with trends in fight sports.

Train With the Best in Town

Global MMA launched Gainesville's first MMA Training program, and we offer more training opportunities, more professional instructors, and more experience than anywhere else in our area -- all at the best value price.

Design Your Training Experience

All of our MMA training options can be tailored for your personal goals and preferences. Whether you are a beginner or have been training for a decade, or whether you are looking for a lifestyle change or competition training, we have a program you will love.

Improve Your Life

When you join Global MMA, you gain an entire community of people invested in your personal growth. We are committed to providing a transformational experience that will sustainably and efficiently compliment and improve your lifestyle.


Scouting out training programs and choosing the best option for you can be overwhelming.

We make it easy by offering you a FREE week of training at no-obligation to you.

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Improve Your Child's Fitness, Focus, Discipline, and Self Defense with Youth MMA for Ages 5-13

Training MMA is more than a sport activity -- it's an opportunity for children to learn lifelong skills and fall in love with a lifestyle they can follow for the rest of their lives.

Our Youth MMA program includes training for competition, for fitness, and for realistic, safe self defense skills. Classes are taught by advanced black belt coaches, with curriculum designed for growing children.

We partner with families to improve our youth students' focus, discipline, and accountability on and off the mats.

Join Gainesville's Legacy MMA Training Community

We pioneered MMA in Gainesville, and we're still innovating to bring you the best training possible, with solid roots.

Global MMA is home to hands down the most experienced professional coaches in our area. Our head coach Jason Dodd has advanced black belts in four martial arts, and has been training MMA for more than 20 years. We focus on solid technique for fitness, self defense, and competitive training, and offer a variety of combat sports classes for every experience level.

Train in the Most Comprehensive MMA Program in the Area

We teach you how to use the entire toolbox, instead of a Swiss Army knife.

Many MMA schools water down martial arts training in their curriculum. Instead, we teach you multiple martial arts styles in their classical form so that you have the proper techniques to pull from in an MMA environment. At Global, instead of mixed martial arts, you're really training multiple applied martial arts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have the answers

How does the free trial work?

Our 7-day trial is 100% free and does not require credit card information to start. If at the end of your trial you would like to begin a membership, great. If not, no problem.

Do I need to purchase anything during the trial?

Our 7-day free trial includes free uniform and equipment rental. To us, 100% free means no hidden costs now or ever.

Can I try other martial arts during my trial?

Yes. In addition to MMA, you may try any of our other training programs at no cost to you. We ask that you choose a program that is of MOST interest to you, and once you come in for a tour, we will get you squared away to try all of our program offerings that spark your attention.

How do I keep training after the trial?

If you sign up for a membership before the end of your 7-day trial, you will be eligible for a complimentary 1:1 training session with one of our professional coaches. After your trial, you may choose the best membership option for your interests, schedule, and budget from our menu.

We never lock anyone into term contracts, and all agreements are month-to-month with a 30 day notice required to cancel. No gimmicks guaranteed.

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